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List Your Dispensary

About Our Platform:

Ready To Seriously Boost Your Dispensary Customer Numbers & Brand Awareness? is the brainchild of, a leading Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations firm, which was named one of the “Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Firms In The USA” by The Silicon Valley Times in 2022. is a state-of-the-art directory solution for the Mississippi medical cannabis industry, with no expense spared by the firm in the platform’s development, SEO, and marketing/PR rollout . The firm also developed the site to be a self-contained Social Network for patients in Mississippi to help foster a community mindset of safety, education, and easy access to educational resources.

The state-of-the-art directory has been built, and Search Engine Optimized, by ElysianMed’s award-winning SEO experts, data analysts, & Public Relations Specialists. With a multi-6-figure budget allocation for 2023 slated for SEO, YouTube Advertising, Facebook & Instagram Marketing, Public Relations, & Strategic Brand Acquisitions …  we expect to rank for 10,000’s of target marijuana keywords across the state & host upwards of 10,000 patient-members by Summer 2023.

While this may seem a big number to some, numbers don’t lie.

Less than a month into the first dispensary opening, our website traffic has nearly 5x’d last month’s numbers, and our registered patients subscribed have doubled in the last 20 days alone .. This should speak very clearly to the situation as we are still in Beta, and have not even officially launched yet.

Benefits Of Listing Your Business On Our Platform

Benefit From The Thousands Of Mississippi Cannabis Patients on our platform each month!

Our platform was in Beta Launch since the end of December 2022, and officially went live on March 1st, 2023. The platform already receives thousands of visitors a week, and is adding around 10-15 new subscribed users a day. In unison with more patients getting their cards, we project our site traffic to reach over 30,000+ visitors per month within the next 90 days!

benefit from our multi 6-figure SEO & public relations campaigns for 2023!

We have been doing this for nearly 20 years ... and are very, very good at our job. is our flagship platform, and we have left no stone unturned in our SEO & PR campaigns. Our platform will be working with top journalists and editors not just in Mississippi, but around the country, to bring a spotlight to Mississippi Cannabis businesses listed on our platform.

benefit from our video marketing campaigns

Starting March 1st, 2023 we will be launching a massive video campaign across several major platforms. We will be releasing over 200 educational videos, targeting 40+ cities in Mississippi for Dispensary & cannabis product terms on: Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok.

benefit from our educational content campaigns has created dozens of educational & engaging multi-media content packs, especially focusing on infographics. Infographics are not only favored by the media, but are especially appreciated by the senior market for their ease of reading. Instead of having to pay thousands-of-dollars to get your own infographics made ... as a member you are given access to ours, to use for your own educational marketing.

Exclusive Member Only Invites, Educational & Networking events, Business Owner Interviews, & More!

Incredibly Exclusive $50,000+ Business Educational Intensives is a brand platform owned by, one of the top Healthcare consulting & marketing firms in the USA. As such, our clients are the top business leaders, thought leaders, consultants, and innovators in the Healthcare industry across the country.

ElysianMed has decided to host exclusive Business Education Intensives for our member businesses, where we will fly these leaders in, once a quarter.

As a member business, you will receive a VIP invite to these events, at no cost. Many of our speakers attending these events, charge over $1,000/hr. for consulting/training and tickets to their own events range from $5,000 – $15,000, with many of their events being sold out within minutes. The real-world value of these exclusive educational events to our members is over $50,000/year. 

Our guest speakers will cover topics including:

  • Branding & Product Development
  • Sales, Building Sales Teams, & Sales SOP’s
  • Cannabis Finance
  • Business Planning & Operations
  • Expansion and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Cannabis & Business Law
  • Executive Level Wealth & Financial Planning

Members Only Networking Events

All the members on our platform will be invited to attend exclusive networking events held throughout the state. These are not "disguised parties" ... these are real business-focused events structured to help businesses form strong business partnerships, negotiate better deals, and help each other grow as one cannabis business community.

"Meet The Owners" Member Interviews Published Across Our Platform

ElysianMed's Public Relations team, journalists, and editors will be conducting editorial-style interviews with the dispensary owners listed on our platform each week. These interviews are intended to help dispensary owners reach new patient audiences, and allow patients to get to know them in a more personal and human way. The interviews will be published on our platform, sent to our patient members, and ... well, they will be published somewhere else as well ... but we're not giving all our secrets away just yet ; )

Benefits Of Becoming a Veteran Cannabis Support Program Certified Dispensary

Receive Exclusive Patient Refferals Walking Through Your Dispensary Door Every Month

Dispensaries that are listed on our platform that have applied and been approved to be certified under the Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP), will get to tap into our veteran patient base ... exclusively. As veterans join our VCSP initiative, we match them to participating VCSP-certified dispensaries near them. Nearly 80% of all the members on our platform are VCSP patients, and we are projected to add over 500+ new patients per month to the VCSP. Those patients will only be referred to VCSP-certified dispensaries in good standing.

Massive Subsidies On Our Platform

Dispensaries that are accepted into the VCSP initiative, will receive huge discounts on their monthly listing fees, hundreds of dollars in free advertising credits, and exclusive invitations to participate in our VCSP Veteran Mass Certification Events Being Held Around The State (more info below)

Additional Listings & Badges

All VCSP-certified dispensaries will recieve the VCSP badge on their listings, and will also receive placement on our VCSP only business listing pages.

Exclusive Invitations To Participate In VCSP Mass-Certification Events

Every month, will host mass-certification events for veterans around Mississippi. The events will be held across the state, allowing for equal representation & inclusion of all our dispensary members. As a VCSP-certified dispensary, you will receive an invitation to participate in one VCSP event per quarter … completely free.

Your invitation will allow you to:

  • Setup a booth
  • Bring educational materials
  • Bring branding materials
  • Meet with hundreds of new patients coming to the event for their certification & build relationships with them
  • Be featured in the event’s press releases & media features

VCSP-certified dispensaries may attend additional events at a 50% off discounted rate, should they wish to do so.

We'll Also Build You a Hyper-Mobile Smart Page Site ... FREE

*** Free For VCSP Featured Members ***

We'll Build It For You ... FAST!

Once we get the info we need from you, we'll have your Smart Page LIVE within 48 - 72 hours!

No Hosting or Domain Name Fees

We give you a custom Smart URL & host the Smart Page too. The Smart Page is yours for free as long as your Featured Listing is active.

Hyper Mobile Optimized

Hyper Mobile Smart Pages are specifically built to be accessed from mobile phones (92.1% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone) & are blazing fast!

Detailed Analyitcs Tracking

You can put analytics & re-targetting pixels on your Smart Page from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bing, Snapchat, & TikTok!

Tons Of Features!

We Can Add:

  1. Dispensary Menu (with photos) & Pricing
  2. Link Directly To Your Deals & Promos On Our Website Or Show The Deal On The Smart Page Itself
  3. Embedded Videos
  4. Embedded Images
  5. Embedded Audio File or Podcast
  6. Customer Can Instantly Add Your Name, Number, Business Name, Address, etc. To Their Phone Contacts With 1-Tap Via The Integrated VCard Feature
  7. Tap To Call
  8. Tap To Message You On Facebook
  9. Tap To Send You a Text Message (SMS)
  10. Link To Your Social Media Accounts
  11. Your Google Business Listing Embedded
  12. Appointment Booking Form
  13. Show Your News Articles or Stories
  14. RSS Feed Integration
  15. Email Signup Forms
  16. and more!

Hyper Mobile Smart Page Technology:

In Addition To Your Listing Page You Can Get A Fully Mobile Optimized & Interactive Dispensary Menu, or Full Smart Page Mini-Site With Custom Brand URL

Click the links below from any mobile phone to see live examples.


Yes, listing your business on our platform is the same as listing your business on Leafly, Yelp, Weedmaps, YellowPages, etc. (though we offer a lot more perks & value for the money).

Title 15: Mississippi State Department of Health (Part 22, Subpart 3, Rule 3.3.2, line-items 1 & #2) state:

1. Establishment of a website and/or social media presence that provides general
information on the licensed entity’s contact information, retail dispensing
locations, and a list of products available.

2. Listings in business directories (inclusive of phone books, cannabis-related or
medical publications).


a.) We are both a cannabis-related business directory, as well as a cannabis-specific social media platform. Of the only two advertising options so generously given under the Title 15 regulations, that are not non-profit related, we match both.

b.) You do not own our site, we do, and we are not a Medical Cannabis Establishment as clearly defined in Title 15. We also do not sell cannabis.

c.) Although we are not bound by the Title 15 chains, we still adhere to those rules for our listed business’s peace of mind, such as not allowing dispensaries to post images of cannabis or the consumption thereof. We have even removed any images of the cannabis plant (except for our own logo) from the site design on the dispensary listing pages.

We are confident that these anti-free market policies so obviously designed by certain political players to do everything possible to ensure the failure of the medical cannabis program in Mississippi will be changed soon. We believe that the dispensary owners who poured millions of dollars into the Mississippi economy, and who have created hundreds of jobs, will be granted the respect and dignity their economic investment … and god-like patience … has earned them. Such as being able to market their legal product to their customers just like any other legal business can.

For the same reason your products & services aren’t free … we’re a business.

Choose Your Plan

Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) Featured Listing Discounts

*You Will Receive Your Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) Featured Listing Discount Code Once Your VCSP Application Has Been Reviewed & Approved

Veteran Cannabis Support Program Discounts On Featured Listings:

  • $1,000/mo. Off The Featured Listing Price Each Month That You Remain a VCSP Member Dispensary
  • $1,500/mo. Off The Featured Listing Price Each Month For Veteran-Owned VCSP Member Dispensaries 
  • $500 In Advertising Credits Each Month
  • Dispensaries Receive an additional $100/mo. In Ad Credits For Every Full-Time Veteran Employee (Does not include owners, shareholders, or family)

Veteran Cannabis Support Program Limited Discount

Featured Listing Discounted Pricing Offer For The First 4-months Of Listing Plan

** Offer Ends April 30th, 2023**

Featured Listing: $3,500/mo.

VCSP Member Dispensary (None-Veteran Owned): $1,500/mo.

VCSP Member Dispensary (Veteran Owned): $1,000/mo.

  1. Special Introductory Discount Pricing Rates Are Offered To Businesses Joining The Veteran Cannabis Support Program Only.
  2. Introductory Discounted Rate Ends April 30th, 2023 (Regular VCSP Discounts Will Still Apply After August 31st, 2023)
  3. 1-Year Term Required

Basic Listing

$ 3,000
Per Month
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized Listing
  • 3 Photos
  • 3 Categories
  • 3 Tags (Dispensary Features)
  • 500 Character Business Description
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Link To Business Website (Or Smart Page)
  • Business Email
  • Business Hours
  • Business Reviews
  • Products Price Range
  • Interactive Google Map
  • Business Reviews
  • License Number
  • Hassle-Free Auto-Renew Billing

Featured Listing

$ 3,500
Per Month
  • Listing Appears Before All Basic Listings On Site
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized Listing
  • Dispensary Menu
  • Video
  • 10 Photos
  • 10 Tags (Dispensary Features)
  • 1,500 Character Business Description
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Link To Business Website (Or Smart Page)
  • Business Email
  • Business Hours
  • Business Reviews
  • Products Price Range
  • Interactive Google Map
  • License Number
  • Your Twitter Posts Published Live On Your Listing
  • Eligible To Sign Up Multiple Locations
  • Add Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Embeddable Rating Badge (For Your Own Site)
  • No "You May Also Be Interested In" Competing Listings Shown On Your Page
  • Exclusive Business Educational Intensive Invitation
  • Fully Customized Menu or Smart Page
  • Exclusive Networking Event Invitations
  • Opportunity To Be Featured In a Weekly "Meet The Owner" Editorial Interview
  • Hassle-Free Auto-Renew Billing

  • Business Social Media
  • Personal Contact Info
  • Business Information
  • Logo & Images
  • Start
  • Finalize
  • Business Location

Your Details

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Business Information

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Enter a description for your dispensary (i.e., About Us)
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