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Treating Agitated Dementia With Medical Marijuana In Mississippi

Agitated Dementia

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Agitated Dementia Qualifies For Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Agitation often accompanies dementia and often precedes the diagnosis of common age-related disorders of cognition such as Alzheimer’s disease. More than 80% of people who develop AD eventually become agitated or aggressive.

What's The Cause Of Dementia?

The cause is the most important factor to consider if you see someone with dementia who is agitated. We know that most behaviors that we may see as challenging in someone with dementia are really an effort to communicate something. You are charged with figuring that “something” out. 

The cause can range from boredom to pain to a need for exercise. One study found that discomfort was the cause behind many occasions of agitation in nursing home residents with dementia. This was particularly true for agitation including non-aggressive physical behavior (such as restlessness) and for verbal agitation (such as calling out).

Types Of Dementia

You can separate dementia into two main groups based on the affected parts of the brain.

Cortical Dementias

These occur due to problems in the outer layers of the brain (cerebral cortex). They’re fundamental to language and memory. Individuals with these forms of dementia generally can’t understand language, can’t remember words and have severe memory loss. Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Alzheimer’s disease are a couple of types of cortical dementia.

Subcortical Dementias

These occur due to issues in brain parts underneath the cortex. Individuals with these dementias often display changes in their ability to begin activities and in their speed of thinking. Usually, those with subcortical dementia don’t struggle with language problems or forgetfulness. Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV may cause subcortical dementias.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Mississippi Patients With Agitated Dementia?

There’s been an association between cannabis and memory problems for quite some time. Therefore, it’s only natural you’d be a little concerned with the potential side effects it may cause to your loved one when using it to treat their cognitive decline.

Although it’s true marijuana can bring on short-term memory loss in very rare cases, the only long-term memory loss issues it demonstrated have been in those who use the herb regularly over a span of several years. Studies now demonstrate THC may delay Alzheimer’s plaque better than medications presently on the market today.