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Treating Cachexia With Medical Marijuana In Mississippi


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Cachexia Qualifies For Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Mississippi patients diagnosed with Cachexia often experience severe weight loss, without trying. This is why people refer to cachexia as the ‘wasting syndrome’. People with cachexia lack appetite, which is why they tend to lose weight. By not having a good appetite, patients suffer from severe fatigue, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, nausea, and more. Sometimes Cachexia is a symptom of another underlying health condition such as MS, Aids, or cancer. However, medical marijuana is now approved in Mississippi to treat those diagnosed with Cachexia.

What's The Cause Of Dementia?

The cause is the most important factor to consider if you see someone with dementia who is agitated. We know that most behaviors that we may see as challenging in someone with dementia are really an effort to communicate something. You are charged with figuring that “something” out. 

The cause can range from boredom to pain to a need for exercise. One study found that discomfort was the cause behind many occasions of agitation in nursing home residents with dementia. This was particularly true for agitation including non-aggressive physical behavior (such as restlessness) and for verbal agitation (such as calling out).

How Can Medical Marijuana Treat Cachexia In Mississippi Patients?

Medical marijuana can help relieve a variety of symptoms that those diagnosed with Cachexia face on a daily basis. The main symptom of Cachexia, or the ‘wasting syndrome’ is extreme and unexpected weight loss. Medical marijuana can help stimulate the appetite of a patient, and as a result of more nutrients being put into the body, and give them more energy. Cachexia patients can also find relief using medical marijuana by using strains specifically grown to relieve their depression and anxiety. The cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, bind with our body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors by helping regulate a patient’s pain, appetite, mood, and memory. Patients diagnosed with Cachexia can find relief from their qualifying chronic healthcare conditions by using a variety of products available to purchase from Mississippi medical marijuana dispensaries