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Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance
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Many other states already have legal medical cannabis, and many of those legal patients want and need to travel to Mississippi. Angie Calhoun asks Kris Jones how those visitors to MS can visit and continue to use their prescriptions. Also, when patients in other states consider moving to MS, what is the process for getting an MS Medical Cannabis Card as a new resident? We once again thank Kris Jones of the Mississippi State Department of Health for sharing her wisdom so that our patients can bypass the rumors and know the truth.

Video Content:

00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Information for out of state patient travelers
01:05 – Patients from other states moving to MS
01:59 – Thanks and please share

For more information and education how to get a Medical MJ Card in MS and how to qualify for medical marijuana in MS please visit us at
Who Is The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Alliance?
Our Mission: To foster open and positive dialogue between patients, physicians, policymakers, law enforcement, and our state’s research and development centers, along with the medical cannabis industry to ensure safe and effective uses of medical cannabis.

How We Do It: We serve as the trusted personal navigators for patients and caregivers seeking information and assistance on how to access medical cannabis through a network of dedicated volunteers, an easy-to-use and informative website, participation in research and development programs, and educational outreach efforts.

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