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Dr. Fred Kency Becomes First Physician In Mississippi To Join The Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 – Jackson, Mississippi

On Wednesday, March 1st, 2023, announced that Dr. Fred Kency of Kency Medical Services PLLC has become the first prescribing physician in Mississippi to join the Veteran Cannabis Support Program. Dr. Kency is a Navy Veteran himself, and an advocate for the benefits of medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option for Veterans who may not be able to engage in more traditional treatment protocols.

Dr. Kency stated, “When it comes to Veterans considering medical cannabis as an alternative form of treatment, there are a lot of questions about the process and what it means for them, especially in terms of the VA or disability status.”

Dr. Fred Kency - Kency Medical Services “So I think it’s important that Veterans know that there are prescribing physicians in Mississippi, who are themselves Veterans, and can answer their specific questions or concerns. Medical cannabis being legalized in Mississippi is still new, and there are a lot of misconceptions around what it means to be a certified patient, especially if you are a Veteran with a disability.”

“There’s also the issue of comfortability. Veterans tend to stick together, as regardless of the branch we served in, we’ve all gone through similar experiences. There’s a deeply felt comradery there, and with that, comes a willingness to open up about more sensitive issues like PTSD.”

Dr. Kency was one of the first Veteran prescribing physicians in Mississippi, and has seen hundreds of patients to date. When the Veteran Cannabis Support Program was announced, he was also the first physician to apply & be accepted into the program.

When asked about his decision to join Dr. Kency stated, “I think it’s incredibly important to focus on building a positive and non-judgmental Veteran community around medical cannabis in Mississippi. The platform & social network that has built, allows Veteran patients (and those considering becoming patients) to reach out and speak to other Veterans in the community about medical cannabis, without fear of negativity or shame. When potential patients reach out to my office to schedule an appointment, we make sure to really listen to their needs and concerns, and make sure that medical cannabis is the appropriate treatment option for their specific condition.

“We also make sure that Veterans are provided with additional educational material and resources, which can help them understand how being a medical cannabis patient does, or does not, affect their VA benefits or disability status.”

Dr. Kency continued, “I also appreciate the focus that is putting on the Veteran community, and the subsidies that they are willing to provide to Mississippi medical cannabis businesses willing to take a Veteran-focused approach. As business owners, marketing costs are something we all have to consider and budget for. However, the VCSP provides a win-win for everyone, as it allows prescribing physicians to actually be able to afford to give free certifications to Veterans facing financial hardship, as the consultation fees we would have made are being subsidized via marketing on the platform.”

As a Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) participating physician, Dr. Kency will offer all Veterans who have a VCSP ID Card 15% of their consultations. In addition, he pledges to give three patient certifications per month for free to registered VCSP Veterans who are facing financial hardship, who would otherwise not be able to afford the normal consultation fee.

Roman Alexander Wellington, founder of said, “We were very excited to have Dr. Kency be the first prescribing physician in Mississippi to join the Veteran Cannabis Support Program, especially given his standing in the Veteran community, and of course, being a Veteran himself.

He has already gone above and beyond to be an advocate for Veterans in his practice, and has an incredible reputation within the community. The thing that really stuck out to us, was the way in which his patients & colleagues spoke about him. You can tell there is a deep level of respect and trust there.

Our hope is that more prescribing physicians who have a heart for the Veteran community will follow Dr. Kency’s lead, and join the program as well. The more prescribing physicians we have who are willing to help Veterans facing financial difficulty get their medical cannabis cards, the faster the community as a whole can benefit and heal. If only half of the prescribing physicians currently registered joined the program, and each one helped three Veterans a month, that would equate to over 1,000 Veterans a month being given the opportunity to use medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option.”


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