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First Veteran Cannabis Support Program Dispensary Approved Within 1 Hour Of VCSP Program Announcement

Magnolia Greens Dispensary Brookhaven MS
Magnolia Greens Dispensary Brookhaven MS

February 25, 2023 – Jackson, Mississippi, USA

On Friday, February 24th 2023, announced its Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) was open for both patients and businesses to apply. It took less than an hour for the first medical cannabis dispensary in Mississippi to sign up for the program, the family-owned Magnolia Greens Dispensary located in Brookhaven MS.

Dr. Dennis Sanders, who owns Magnolia Greens Dispensary with his wife Isluv Sanders, knew he wanted to join the Veteran Cannabis Support Program as soon as he saw the announcement.

Dr. Sanders stated, “I love the idea of a medical cannabis support program focused on our Veterans. When I looked everything over, I thought the program and subsidy offers were incredibly well thought out, and I was extremely impressed with the discounted rates and bonuses being offered until the platform officially goes live in a few days.

We are a local, family-owned dispensary. Building this business was a dream for my wife and I, but we’ve had to fund it entirely on our own, and survive this past year waiting for the State to finally allow dispensaries to open.

As such, we have to consider every dollar we spend carefully, and make sure it’s a wise investment. When I considered the amount of value and business resources we get from the Veteran Cannabis Support Program, compared to the investment, it was a no-brainer.

As a business, I have to spend money on marketing if I want to compete, especially now. That’s just how business works. However, no one in the market right now can compete with everything that the VCSP program offers … not at this price … let alone do so in a way where the Veteran Community gets to benefit in such a huge way.

Being a certified VCSP business allows us to market our business because we are serving our Veteran Community, in a truly meaningful way. The Veteran Cannabis Support Program will help a lot of Veterans, which is hugely important to my wife and me.”

Dr. Sanders and his wife Isluv, who were recently featured in The Daily Leader, have collectively been in the medical field for 12 years as a Medical Doctor and Registered Nurse respectively. They are dedicated to providing a safe, educational, and peaceful place for the residents of Mississippi to purchase medical cannabis.

Family-owned, and patient-focused, the mission of Magnolia Greens Dispensary is to put the “Medical” in Medical Marijuana.

Roman Alexander Wellington, the founder of said, “I’ve heard fantastic things about Dr. and Mrs. Sanders since Magnolia Greens first opened its doors, and it’s clear that their customers respect and appreciate them, and the level of care and education they provide.”

He continued, “We are honored to have Magnolia Greens be the first dispensary in Mississippi to join the Veteran Cannabis Support Program. Having two medical cannabis business owners of their caliber and reputation, be the first to step up in support of this program, is going to mean so much to a lot of Veterans in Mississippi facing financial hardship who just want to feel that someone will have their back, and will fight for them, when it comes to safe and affordable access to medical cannabis.

We’re only a few hours into the launch of the VCSP, but we’ve already had several other doctors and dispensaries follow Magnolia Greens’ lead, and apply to join as well. I’m excited to see the positive impact that the Veteran Cannabis Support Program will have on the Veteran Community in Mississippi, and proud to see Mississippi’s cannabis businesses sending a clear message to Veterans that they are not alone, nor forgotten, and that we will do everything we can to help.”


Dr. Sanders and his wife Isluv


Speaking on how he views the customers that visit Magnolia Greens, Dr. Sanders said, “We truly care for the patients that shop with us, their journey, their stories, and their desire to attain a better state of health through the use of medical cannabis. We see them as people who have been desperate to find relief, and now they finally have access to alternative medicine.”

To our current customers, my wife and I want to thank you for choosing to support a local family-owned dispensary, and giving us the opportunity to help guide your experience with medical cannabis in a safe and positive way. We will work hard to continue to earn your business.

To the members of the Veteran Community that we hope to help now through the Veteran Cannabis Support Program … we look forward to serving and looking out for you, as you looked out for us through your service. Your service is not taken for granted, and I look forward to seeing the medical cannabis industry in Mississippi rally behind you.”


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