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Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance (MCPA)

The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance (MCPA) is the unifying voice of over 147,000 patients in Mississippi whose quality of life can improve through the safe and well-regulated use of medical cannabis.

Address: 10 Canebrake Blvd Suite 110-109, Jackson, MS 39232

Phone: (769) 333-8813


Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance

What Does The MCPA Do?

On behalf of patients, the MCPA advocates for:

  • A fair, successful, and well-regulated medical cannabis program.
  • Safe access to clean products.
  • Easy-to-find, current, and impartial information to help them make informed decisions.
  • The affordability of medical cannabis products so that all patients can have relief from their debilitating medical conditions.
  • Educational awareness campaigns to inform the public about medical cannabis use, safety, laws, and other information.

Our Vision

Our vision at the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance is to create an environment where all qualifying patients in Mississippi have the medical freedom and support they need to safely access medical cannabis within a fair, successful, and well-regulated medical cannabis program.

Our Mission

The cental goal of the MCPA, our mission since our founding, is to continuously foster open and positive dialogue between patients, physicians, policymakers, law enforcement, and our state’s medical cannabis industry to ensure safe and effective uses of medical cannabis.

Our Focus

The primary focus of the MCPA, our Board of Directors, Volunteers, and associated partners, is to be the most trustworthy resource of reliable, easy-to-find, and impartial  information for patients and families who are considering medical cannabis.

Our Strategy

Building strategic partnerships and using traditional media, digital platforms, and grassroots efforts to give patients in every corner of Mississippi immediate access to the information they need so they can make informed decisions on the use of medical cannabis.

Mission Statement:

"Our goal is to be Mississippi’s most trusted voice and resource for patients who are considering medical cannabis or have been certified for its use and want the most current, reliable, and impartial information on how, when, and where to take their next step so they can improve their quality of life safely and effectively."

Meet The Founder: Angie Calhoun

As the Founder of the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance (MCPA) Angie’s passion for her role as a medical cannabis patient advocate emerged while witnessing first-hand the life-changing benefits of medical cannabis as her son, Austin, began battling severe Lyme Disease at the age of 17. 

For years, Angie has shared her son’s medical cannabis journey with people across the state of Mississippi. She actively campaigned for Initiative 65, participated in three Mississippi Secretary of State Hearings, hosted a Patient’s for Initiative 65 rally, debated live on Mississippi Public Broadcasting, has written multiple op-eds, hosted a press conference on the Mississippi State Capitol Steps and has been interviewed numerous times by the press regarding the benefits of medical cannabis.

Angie is the past Board Chair of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association (3MA) where she stepped down to start the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance. 

Angie has developed numerous ways to help patients and the industry to succeed. One is that MCPA has a collaborative agreement with the University of Mississippi’s National Center for Cannabis Research and Education (our countries oldest cannabis research center) and  the Releaf App to help patients save money while making a clear path for future patients in knowing what strains work best for certain debilitating medical conditions. 

This research program can help patients around the world! Secondly, MCPA hosts numerous patient events that help inform their patients of the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis along with other awareness information to help keep patients safe. 

MCPA also provides a practitioner and dispensary page to help her patients find them with ease. Angie has plans to create even more unique ways to help her patients in the near future.

She is also a board member for the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee and is an active participant and supporter of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Offender Re-entry Program. She has been a business entrepreneur for almost 30 years in her hometown of Puckett, Mississippi, located in southeast Rankin County, where she has lived her entire life.

Angie is married to Brad Calhoun, also of Puckett. Angie and Brad have one son, Austin. As a Southern Baptist Christian her favorite motto is “let others see Jesus in you”.