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Mississippi Independant Cannabis Association

About The Mississippi Independant Cannabis Association

Founded by a team of craft cannabis cultivators, extractors, processors, dispensary owners, transportation and logistics providers, insurance providers, security professionals, construction companies, and more, MICA is the voice of independently owned cannabis operators in Mississippi, no matter the specialty.  We grow our local economies by supporting our craft farmers, locally owned dispensaries, cannabis processors, transporters, and other independently owned cannabis-based businesses.

Connect. Learn. Advocate.

Founded by local, independent Mississippi cannabis operators to educate lawmakers and regulators on the important role independent operators play in local communities.

Support Local Operators

Multi-State Operators (MSO’s) export Mississippi profits out of state, causing economic loss to local Mississippi communities.  MICA advocates for local, Mississippi owned and operated businesses who support local communities and patients and keep profits in state.

Representing Independant Voices

MICA works with state legislators, the Mississippi Board of Health, MSDH officials and community leaders across the state to ensure the voice of local independent operators is heard loud and clear.

Our Passion for Helping Mississippi Businesses Find Success


Multi-State Operators (MSO’s) – are large-scale corporations that ship profits out of state and drive economic loss in Mississippi communities.  Our mission is to advocate for independently owned cannabis operators so Mississippi patient dollars stay in Mississippi, and locally owned operators have a level playing field.

Political Engagement

Our advocacy team at MICA represents the legislative needs of local cannabis companies through registered lobbying activities. Our network of members are represented at the State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi by Southern Consulting Associates, providing direct access to the decision making table when laws are being made. 

Growth & Networking

From craft cultivators and independently-owned dispensaries, to local extractors and transporters, we help you connect, engage, and advocate for your locally-owned cannabis business and ensure you have a voice when decisions are made. 

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