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Largest Veterans Cannabis Certification Event In USA To Be Held In Jackson Mississippi On April 30th 2023, an brand, announced today that they will be holding a cannabis mass-certification event for Mississippi veterans at the Westin Hotel, in Jackson Mississippi on April 30th, 2023.

The event will provide over $75,000 worth of medical cannabis diagnosis, certifications, and cannabis subsidies for 250 Mississippi veterans seeking medical cannabis certification, who due to financial hardship, have not been able to afford certification on their own.

The platform’s parent company will be covering the costs for the event, as well as the prescriber costs, for all 250 veterans.

The event is being held to launch the company’s Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) initiative, which provides resources and benefits through partnerships with local dispensaries, prescribers, and other medical cannabis businesses, to veterans seeking medical cannabis as an alternative form of treatment.


Free Mississippi Veteran Cannabis Certification Event!


The Event Will Provide Fair and Equal Opportunity For Veterans To Attend

In order to provide fair and equal access to the event, will choose the 250 veterans for the event via a random draw, on April 20th, 2023.

In order to enter the random draw, veterans must first signup for a free account on, and then they can use the free event signup form here:

Attending veterans will also be provided with information on VCSP-certified dispensaries where they can receive VCSP-subsidized cannabis subsidies, guaranteed discounts, and can be assured of veteran-friendly service & care.

The event is not open to the public. Veteran attendees will be contacted by VCSP staff if their name is drawn, and will be provided with a scheduled time to arrive at the event.


The Event Could Position Mississippi As a Leader In Medical Cannabis Outreach For Veterans

The event will be held to kick off the Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP), a private initiative founded by the firm’s CEO, Roman Alexander Wellington. The Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) certification events will be a primary focus of ElysianMed’s national cannabis platform rollouts, and aims to provide veterans facing financial hardship with the necessary certification they need in order to begin using medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option.

Wellington stated, “We have just been informed that a veterans cannabis mass-certification event of this scale, where the fees for the certifications are completely covered for 250 veterans, has never been attempted in a single day in the US. So we are proud to be able to launch this first event in Mississippi where there is such a high concentration of veterans, especially those facing financial hardships.”

Mississippi State Representative De'Keither Stamps When asked about the event, Mississippi State Representative De’Keither Stamps (District 66), a US Army Veteran and co-sponsor of Mississippi cannabis legislation HB-1158, stated, “I am grateful that organizations like ElysianMed ( and its Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) have seen the tremendous effort Mississippi has put in to make medical cannabis available to our veteran population, and that they have chosen to hold such a momentous & historic event here in our beautiful state.”

“Veteran & service member Representatives like myself are determined to fight for the rights of all veterans to have access to better, more affordable, and alternative healthcare treatment options. It is my hope that by having events like this, Mississippi can help lead the charge across the nation for medical cannabis to be seen as a safe alternative treatment option for our veteran communities.”

Representative Stamps, along with other key political leaders in Mississippi who have championed veteran’s rights to medical cannabis, will be in attendance at the event.

Representative Stamps has also been invited to speak at the press conference that will be held on the morning of the event, and share his thoughts on the medical cannabis program and veteran’s rights in the State moving forward.

Additionally, several political and business VIP’s from around the country who are interested in seeing the results for the veteran community of such an event, have also requested to attend the event.

Wellington stated, “We have received tremendous interest in the event from political and business leaders in other states which already have active medical cannabis programs, as well as those still considering it. Several have asked to either attend the event themselves, or send representative delegates. It is our hope that this event will allow us to show the incredible benefit that providing veteran-focused medical cannabis programs can have not just in Mississippi, but across the nation.”

Invitations to the event for both Mississippi & National political, veteran, and business leaders will officially start being sent out on Monday, April 3rd, 2023. Roman Alexander Wellington, and several of the ElysianMed Senior Vice presidents, will also be personally delivering invitations to several key Mississippi political and local business leaders who have requested to attend the event, when the executives begin arriving in the state next week.

Discussing the event, Mr. Wellington stated, “When I first started the VCSP initiative, I wanted to be able to help the veteran community in Mississippi who were seeking to use medical cannabis as an alternative form of treatment. However, it became clear very quickly that many of the veterans seeking to use medical cannabis, could not afford the rates that many prescribers have decided to charge for certifications.”

He continued, “That is why we decided to hold this mass-certification event, and why and our Veteran Cannabis Support Program (VCSP) will be paying for these certifications personally.”


Massive Demand From Veterans Seeking Medical Cannabis Certification Exceeded All Expectations

Since opened the Veteran Cannabis Support Program earlier this month, they have been inundated with applications, and the number one request they have received is for help with certifications. They are currently facing a backlog of applications, but expect to have the rest of the applications processed by the end of the week.

The sudden surge in veteran applications, came after announced the Veteran Cannabis Support Program. The data that the program received blew away every predictive model they had for how many veterans in the state would be interested in receiving a medical cannabis certification.

Mr. Wellington stated, “Based on the data we received in only the first few days, we had to completely re-adjust every number we had, as the data showed us that the number of veterans in Mississippi who would want to get certified was nearly 3,700% higher than even our highest predictions. We’re talking numbers in the tens-of-thousands here.”


Thousands Of Mississippi Veterans Could Receive Free Certification Over The Next 12 Months

The April 30th mass-certification event is only the first of many currently being planned throughout the state of Mississippi over the next year. Current plans are to hold similar events each month in various key cities around Mississippi allowing for easier access to the events by veterans, especially those facing mobility issues or lack of transport.

The events will be fully funded through revenue’s generated from the business listing fees on the platform, allowing the events to remain free to veterans.

Teresa Teran, a widely respected multi-state advocate & thought leader, who is a veteran herself, also stepped forward to lend her experience and support to the event.

Ms. Teran stated, “As a veteran and advocate, when I found out about the VCSP program, I loved how well it was thought out and that it was getting help to the veteran community quickly. I know a lot of eyes at the highest levels of both the government and business sectors, are going to be watching this event closely to gauge the support for medical cannabis within the veteran community.”

Ms. Teran continued, “Both Mr. Wellington and Ms. Robinson have shown me how steadfast they are on using this event to get the message across loud and clear, that veterans need affordable and easy access to medical cannabis as an alternative healthcare treatment option, and they need it now. By hosting an event of this scale, I knew that message would be heard. Their mission is directly aligned with mine, and as such, I wanted to lend my support in whatever ways I could to help ensure the event was a positive & unforgettable experience for all the veterans attending.”


VCSP Program Will Help Approved Veteran Patients Receive Additional Benefits From Local VCSP Certified Medical Cannabis Businesses

Medical cannabis businesses are able to signup for the platform to list their business, as well as join the VCSP initiative, and become VCSP-certified businesses.

 Businesses receive major private subsidies from the platform in the form of discounts, advertising credits, and other perks for participating in the VCSP program. In return, they have to provide guaranteed discounts to veterans as well as achieve key performance benchmarks each month.

For example, participating dispensaries have to provide $500 in free medical cannabis each month to VCSP veterans facing financial hardship, which is split into ten (10) $50 allotments.

Prescribing physicians are required to participate in at least one (1) mass certification event per quarter, although they may participate in more if they choose.

Approved VCSP veteran patients will only be referred by the platform to VCSP-certified medical cannabis businesses in good standing.


A New Special Advisory Board Being Setup To Represent Mississippi Businesses In The Veteran Cannabis Support Program

ElysianMed through its platform aims to support locally-owned Mississippi businesses, while encouraging economic development through partnerships with national industry leaders and organizations with years of experience. As such, it has decided to create the VCSP Special Advisory Board.

The board will primarily consist of Mississippi-owned medical cannabis business owners and political and legal representatives, while also offering positions to key economic development partners from national organizations. The board will have at least 51% of the members as Mississippi-Owned businesses, in order to ensure Mississippi-owned businesses are always kept front and center on any business decisions.

There will be one representative from each key vertical within the medical cannabis sector ensuring equal representation, including a representative for prescribers, dispensaries, cultivators, micro-cultivators, transport, finance, law, CannaTech, patient advocacy, etc.

The board will serve to advise on future developments of the Veteran Cannabis Support Program in the state, advise on times and locations for future mass-certification events, advise on further ways the platform and VCSP program can help both veteran patients and VCSP-certified businesses alike, and more.

ElysianMed will be sending several of its Senior Vice Presidents to Mississippi over the coming two weeks to meet with and interview potential board members. The board members will be announced at the press conference for the mass certification event on April 30th, 2023.


Invited Media Will Get To Meet Key Players In The Mississippi Veteran Cannabis Community

Members of the local and national media will be given the opportunity to speak with attending VIP guests, including key politicians & cannabis business leaders, conduct private one-on-one interviews, and attend the event press conference.

However, due to security and patient concerns, any member of the media wishing to attend the event must register before the event. Additionally, members of the media must agree that they will not approach any of the veteran patients attending the event without prior approval.

Media interested in attending or covering the event, or conducting private one-on-one interviews with the VIP’s in attendance (private interview room will be made available) may request approval at:

Wellington stated, “We understand that many members of the media will wish to speak with and interview some of the veteran patients. However, a huge percentage of the veterans we have had signing up so far, suffer from PTSD. As exciting as this event is, our priority is on the veteran patients, and making sure they feel safe and respected.

As such, members of the media will not be allowed near the area where the veteran patients will be receiving their certifications to respect patient privacy, and to avoid flashing lights, loud noises, and other factors that might trigger a patient dealing with PTSD. Any interaction with a veteran patient will need prior approval, and we expect all attending members of the media to conduct themselves with a professional and calm demeanor, and respect that any veteran they are speaking with, may have PTSD.”


Further announcements regarding the event, the VIP Guests, and continuing developments will be announced over the next two weeks.